Do you have skin blemishes you wish you could get rid of? Simply want to enjoy healthier skin? At Preveda Health & Esthetics, we help people like you everyday minimize the appearance of scars, burns, and other unwanted blemishes, rejuvenate and brighten their complexions, and bring out their inner radiance and confidence. We proudly offer a wide variety of treatments to reduce the appearance of many skin conditions and help you achieve smoother, toned skin, and our technicians are among the best-rated in the area. Beauty may be only skin deep, but we’re passionate about the difference our treatments can make in restoring our clients’ confidence. Call our Asheville med spa to schedule an appointment today, and continue reading to learn more about the services we offer. 


What Sets Us Apart?

Integrative Esthetics: At Preveda Esthetics, we focus on our clients’ long-term goals for their skin health. We meet with our clients directly to consult with them about their skin health, providing personalized treatment plans designed specifically for their skin’s needs to achieve their long-term goals in a healthy and balanced way. Other med spas don’t pay their customers as much personal attention when scheduling treatments, which can lead to some people receiving unnecessary skin treatments, or not achieving the best possible results. 

Top-Rated Specialists: We’re the esthetics experts in Asheville, with our med spa enjoying a perfect 100 rating score on Top Rated Local®, an aggregator service that combines ratings across Google,  Facebook, and more. 

Individualized Health: Our clinic is overseen by Dr. Gus Vickery and Dr. Steve Thompson, two experienced physicians that know the importance of a personalized approach to health. Esthetics is just one piece of the broader puzzle to unlocking your best health. With the help of our doctors, you can create your own personal full-body wellness plan that combines esthetic treatments, wellness programs, and nutrition and lifestyle changes to get you looking and feeling better than you ever have before. 


Services We Offer

Laser Skin & Hair Treatments: Our laser specialists utilize top-of the line technology and technique to help you remove unwanted hairs and improve the appearance of your skin. We offer six different kinds of lasers:

  • HALO, a hybrid fractional laser treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and discolored patches to help you achieve smoother, more even-toned skin. It achieves targeted results while requiring less discomfort and healing time than similar treatments!
  • BBL, an IPL laser treatment that helps you eliminate brown spots, moles, melasma, and other discolored blemishes. It can also effectively treat vascular lesions, rosacea, spider veins, birthmarks, and more!
  • Forever Young BBL is a newer twist on BBL that specifically targets signs of aging and sun damage on your skin. This is the only laser treatment that has been shown to change the expression of genes associated with aging, meaning that with regular treatment, you can expect clearer, smoother, younger-looking skin!
  • SkinTyte is a quick, gentle laser treatment that helps to improve the elasticity of one’s skin. This treatment gently pulses infrared light onto the target areas of your skin to initiate your body’s natural healing process, encouraging the growth of firmer, more youthful-looking skin.
  • Forever Clear BBL is a state-of-the-art acne treatment that can effectively clear away your acne without the use of creams or medication. Forever Clear targets the bacteria under your skin that cause acne, securing you clearer, glowing skin. 
  • Forever Bare BBL is a special laser treatment for the removal of unwanted hairs! Forever Bare is notoriously quick and discomfort-free. It utilizes lower-intensity light pulses at a high frequency rate to remove hairs without causing your skin significant discomfort. 


Injectable Skin Nourishment: Is your own reflection causing you anxiety? Our injectable skin treatments and natural dermal fillers can help your skin stop the hands of time. We offer multiple types of injectable skin treatments, including:

  • Botox is a well-known injectable that can help you stop your facial wrinkles from forming or deepening. Botox is best used to treat frown lines and forehead wrinkles, and the results generally last three to six months. With repeated treatments, the wrinkles and lines in the target areas often reappear less severe over time as the muscles shrink. 
  • Dysport is a neuromodulator injection that treats facial wrinkles in a similar manner to Botox. Dysport can be used to treat frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and smile lines. Results generally last five to six months. 
  • Restylane is a type of natural dermal filler that helps fill in wrinkles and promote the growth of new collagen in your skin. These fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, a chemical that occurs naturally in our bodies, and are great for plumping up target areas on the face, such as your cheeks and lips. We offer a diverse range of restalyne fillers, including Restaylane, Restylane Defyne, Restylane Lyft, Restylane Silk, and Restylane Refine. 


Facial Treatments: We specialize in facial treatments at Preveda Health & Esthetics, offering many of the most sought-after kinds of facials. Our facial treatments can be effective at rejuvenating the youthful qualities in your skin, promoting new collagen growth, shrinking your pores, smoothing your skin, covering up acne scars, and brightening your skin. The treatments we offer include:

  • DiamondTome is a special microdermabrasion device that glides over your skin to clear away dirt, debris, and most importantly, dead skin cells. DiamondTome treatments can be completed during your lunch break and require no downtime for recovery! Enjoy a smoother, clearer complexion at your convenience. 
  • SkinPen Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin treatment that stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin, giving you the framework for enjoying clearer, more youthful-looking skin. It’s also the first kind of microneedling treatment to be approved by the FDA as a treatment for facial acne scars!
  • Dermaplaning is a facial exfoliation that provides all the benefits of exfoliation, while also removing the fine “peach fuzz” hairs from your skin. Dermaplaning gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells from your skin. It’s a simple procedure that can be combined with any of our other facial treatments to enhance their effectiveness. 


AquaGold Fine Touch Treatments: Want to enjoy smooth, supple skin in one whole area? AquaGold FineTouch treatments combine microneedling, dermal fillers, and injections into one procedure that painlessly delivers skin healing solutions to a large treatment area, such as the face, chest, or neck in their entirety. The AqauaGold device utilizes 24-karat gold needles that are each smaller than hair follicle, allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin than any traditional injectable treatment needle. These special needles create microscopic holes to deliver a smorgasbord of skin refining, anti-aging treatments deep into your dermis for skin enhancement that lasts longer than the results of other skin treatments. With AquaGold Fine Touch treatments, you can:

  • Achieve clearer, smoother skin with natural dermal fillers
  • Reduce the appearance of acne scars 
  • Use microBotox to shrink your pores
  • Enhance the effectiveness of laser skin treatments
  • Achieve a brighter, more even complexion


ZO Skin® Health Products: In addition to the skin treatments we offer at our Asheville med spa, we’re proud to offer ZO Skin Health products for our clients to enhance the results of their treatments at home! ZO is one of the premier brands in skincare, offering all sorts of creams and scrubs to help you control acne, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, smooth and brighten your skin, and maximize the effectiveness of the treatments you receive here at Preveda. ZO’s products are a worthwhile investment that can help you bridge the gap between our therapeutic esthetic treatments and daily at-home care. Call our skin care consultants today for personalized recommendations for your skin! ZO Skin Health offers:

  • Facial cleaners for hydration and exfoliation
  • Oil control and complexion enhancement pads
  • Soothing skin toners
  • Retinol skin brightening and pore-refining creams 
  • Wrinkle repair creams
  • Anti-acne creams
  • Skin exfoliant scrub treatments


Begin Your Skin Renewal Journey

With all of the skin treatments and products we offer, Preveda truly is your best resource for quality skin care and esthetic services in Asheville — and we have the ratings to prove it. We’re passionate about helping people enhance he quality of their skin and enjoy the boost in confidence and happiness that comes with improved health and appearance. If you’re ready to start enjoying smooth, radiant skin, call our med spa today to schedule a consultation! Let’s have a conversation about how we can help you unlock your best self.