Guys, what do you think of when you hear the term, “med spa’? Do you think of women going out to relax, soak, and maybe get a mani-pedi? Well that’s not what a med spa is. In fact, med spas can help you just as much as they help women! Keep reading to learn how. 

Medical spas are different from the places one would go to get a manicure or relax. While plenty of med spa services can be relaxing, med spas themselves provide more advanced solutions for a variety of aesthetic and personal health issues. At Preveda Health & Esthetics in Asheville, we help people everyday to look and feel their best. While it is true that much of our clientele is women, that’s only because most men don’t know what they’re missing out on. Here’s just a few of the many ways that men can benefit from med spas! 

eliminate threat of unibrowMen, have you ever struggled with hairs growing between your eyebrows? Most men want to have and enjoy thick, prominent, expressive eyebrows, but for some guys, hair growth in the brow area can be a little too abundant, leading to them needing to pluck and trim away hair between their brows to avoid the growth of a unibrow. 

Med spas offer a more permanent solution to this common issue. While women utilize our laser hair removal services to remove unwanted hair from their upper lips and along their bikini lines, this treatment is also useful for neutralizing those pesky hairs in between your brows to ensure that you’ll always walk around with two well-defined eyebrows, not one. 

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Reduce appearance of acne scarsDid you have a rough time during puberty? Virtually everyone struggles with acne during their teenage years, and for some, physical evidence remains of all those hours spent popping zits in the mirror. If you have acne scars you’d like to minimize the appearance of, med spas are the perfect place to do it!

Med spas like Preveda offer a variety of different treatments for acne scars, ranging from simple solutions for minimal scarring to advanced treatments for significant scarring. You might enjoy one of our laser skin treatments to minimize your acne scarring, or a painless injectable treatment like AquaGold Fine Touch® to completely transform your skin!

Refresh Your Facial Skin

reduce effects of sun damageDo you spend a lot of time working outside or enjoying outdoor activities, such as swimming, biking, or sports? If you’ve suffered at least one bad sunburn in your life, you can benefit from a skincare treatment from a med spa esthetician. 

Sun damage can manifest in a wide variety of ways on your body, from freckles and moles to throwing off your skin tone, roughening the feel of your skin, or even accelerating the formation of wrinkles. Unless you’d like to end up looking like one of the guys from Breaking Bad, you should check out some of our skincare services to see how they can help you refresh and protect your skin. We also offer skin care products from ZO Skin Health® if you’d prefer to treat your skin yourself from the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

Take Home Skin Care

Smooth skin may seem ‘girly’ to some, but it just feels better, and it’s worth your time and effort to work on it. Med spas can help you achieve the smooth, glowing skin that the ladies won’t be able to keep their hands off of faster than at-home skin care routines can. 

At Preveda, we offer a variety of med spa treatments to rejuvenate your skin, including:

  • DiamondTome® Microneedling
  • SkinPen® Microneedling
  • Dermaplaning
  • AquaGold Fine Touch®
  • And more!
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improve all around healthMany med spas’ service capabilities begin and end with facial aesthetics and skin health — but not at Preveda. Our Asheville med spa is run by two highly regarded medical professionals, Dr. Gus Vickery and Dr. Steve Thompson. They work in concert with our certified estheticians to help prepare our clients individualized health plans to help them meet their wellness goals, lead healthier lifestyles, and enjoy all-around better health. Visit our Individualized Health page to learn more!

Transform Your Health

Better Your Body At Preveda Health & Esthetics

Now that you know that med spas can benefit guys too, what are you waiting for? Connect with our Asheville med spa to schedule the skin health treatment you need to look and feel your best and tackle life with complete confidence and energy. Tke the first step to transforming your health and life today!