Some people are under the impression that facials are nothing more than a frivolous luxury beauty treatment — this couldn’t be further from the truth!

At Preveda Health & Esthetics, we help dozens of people from throughout the Asheville area every day improve their skin health with skin care plans tailored to the needs of each individual. Our facial treatments can help you build the basis for long-term brighter, clearer skin that’s just as healthy as it looks and feels! In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss a few of the many ways facial treatments benefit your skin health. Read on to learn more, and stay tuned to get a brief overview of the specific facial treatments we offer at Preveda!

Clear Away Dead Skin

As you age, your skin will naturally start to lose some of its ability to clear away dead skin cells on its own — this decline in natural exfoliation starts in your 20s! Facial treatments give your body the little boost it needs to clear away the old skin cells and let your newest, freshest skin shine through. 

Minimize The Symptoms Of Skin Conditions

If you suffer from painful skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis, some facial treatments can help soothe your skin and reduce some of the symptoms you experience. 

Promote The Growth Of Clearer, More Youthful-Looking Skin

Many facial treatments target the dermis, the layer of skin immediately underneath your surface layer of skin, where the chemicals that control your body’s production of collagen and elastin are located. These facial treatments encourage your body to grow more new collagen and elastin, resulting in smoother, more youthful-looking skin on the surface over time.

Improve Your Skin Tone

Other facial treatments target your dermis layer of skin to positively impact your melanin, the chemical that controls your skin tone. These facials can help you achieve a more even and vibrant skin tone. 

Minimize Signs Of Aging

No one really likes wrinkles, no matter their age. Injectable facial treatments, such as BOTOX® and Restylane, can fill in or otherwise minimize the appearance of wrinkles in a variety of spots on your face!

Facial Treatments We Offer At Preveda

We’re proud to offer a huge diversity of facial treatments at our Asheville medical spa. Here’s a taste of our most popular offerings:

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing — Our laser skin resurfacing specialists are some of the most experienced in Asheville! Our laser services can help you treat age spots, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and more!
  • Injectables — We’re proud to offer a wide selection of the most popular injectable skin care treatments that stop wrinkles in their tracks, including BOTOX®, Dysport, and five speciality kinds of Restylane. These products take on wrinkles in a variety of ways and offer results that last for different lengths of time, so consult with a Preveda esthetician so we can help you choose the best facial treatment for your goals! 
  • Microdermabrasion — Want to achieve clearer skin in just half an hour? Our DiamondTome® microdermabrasion treatment thoroughly exfoliates your skin to reveal the clearer, beautiful skin underneath. This facial treatment takes just 25-45 minutes to complete. You can get it done on your lunch hour!
  • Microneedling — This minimally invasive facial treatment stimulates the growth of new collagen and elastin so you can enjoy more vibrant, youthful ski! At Preveda, we offer Skinpen®, the first microneedling device ever approved by the FDA.   
  • AquaGold Fine Touch® — This revolutionary and painless facial treatment combines the skin health benefits of microneedling and injectable facial treatments to deliver you unbelievably smoother, clearer, and brighter skin. Call our Asheville med spa today to learn more about AquaGold Fine Touch!
  • Zo® Skin Care Products — In addition to our medical spa facial treatments, we offer Zo skin care products to help you maximize the benefits of your facial treatments and establish a more robust at-home skincare routine. 


Book Your Facial 

Now you know —  facial treatments are more than a simple beauty luxury. They’re the stepping stone you need to enjoy healthier, more beautiful skin! Facials can help you tackle a variety of skin health issues, from cosmetic concerns like wrinkles to life-long skin conditions and acne scarring.

No matter what aspect of your skin health you’d like to improve, Preveda Health & Esthetics can help you achieve your goals. Call our Asheville medical spa to make an appointment today!