AquaGold Fine Touch Skin Care Treatment

As a licensed medical spa in Asheville, Preveda offers a variety and combination of individualized skin care treatments, and AquaGold Fine Touch is one of the best. Developed by Aquavit Pharmaceuticals, Fine Touch is an advanced microchanneling technology for skin rejuvenation, which got some of its popularity from celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who calls it her favorite “Golden Cocktail Facial.” Often used on the face, neck, or chest, Fine Touch is good for treating wrinkles, acne scars, and other mild forms of skin imperfections. It’s a painless, minimally-invasive procedure that can deliver an individualized set of dermal fillers, micro-Botox, and skin healing solutions.


What is AquaGold Fine Touch and How Does It Work?

AquaGold is essentially a microneedling device that delivers skin healing solutions into the dermis just underneath the skin (600-microns in depth). Because the microneedles are so much smaller than traditional microneedles and syringes, they can go deeper without causing pain. The collection of nearly-microscopic needles — each smaller than a hair follicle — is made of 24 karat, gold-plated stainless steel, hence the name. It is a patented, high-tech process developed and approved by the FDA by Aquavit Pharmaceuticals, and it’s specifically designed to deliver individualized mixes of skin-healing micro-droplets into the dermis for the purpose of giving clients natural, young-looking skin. The “Golden Cocktail Facial,” as Kim Karashian calls it, stimulates collagen and elastin production in the dermis, and it can cover a larger skin area than traditional Dysport treatments can handle. The most common applications are on the face, neck, and chest, and because the doses are much smaller than many other types of toxin treatments, it tends to make the skin look more vibrant, natural, and smoother.


Get a Free AquaGold Fine Touch Treatment Consultation Today

The first step in the process is getting in touch with Preveda for a consultation in order to determine what specific types of skin treatments are best for your skin care goals, which includes checking your medical history (certain types of blood diseases, for example, can rule out the procedure). Next, a licensed medical spa and esthetic skin expert, under the supervision of our Preveda Medical Directors, Dr. Gus Vickery and Dr. Steve Thompson, will proceed with the AquaGold Fine Touch treatment that will deliver your individualized health solution into the skin via microchannels created by the hair-follicle sized injection points. Three to seven days afterward, you will see effects and can come back in for a follow-up appointment.

To learn more, contact Preveda Health & Esthetics for an appointment today to talk with one of our med spa technicians about our facial esthetics and skin rejuvenation services in Asheville, NC.